Barringer High School

90 Parker Street

Original Building Built 1897 Design Information
Current Building Built 1964

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1927 Year book

Named after William N. Barringer, Supervisor of Newark Schools in 1907.

Newspaper Articles

April 21, 1912 - Bronze Tablet to Mark Camp Frelinghuysen Site

From "Newark Sunday Call" January 28, 1912:

This building (gymnasium) was erected adjoining the Barringer High School and is the largest gymnasium floor in the system, providing for a future running track, and has generous shower and locker room accommodations.


Here are the results of Charles McGrath's research of the oldest Public High Schools in the United States.

1) Boston Latin School of Boston , MA. it was founded April 23,1635.

2) Central High School of Philadelphia, PA. it was founded in 1838.

3) Barringer High School of Newark, N.J. it was founded in 1838.

4) Baltimore City College "Public High School" of Baltimore , MD 'was founded in 1839. ( They claim that they are the third oldest public high school in the United States. ) But maybe they never heard of Barringer High School.

Therefore Barringer High School was the third if not the second oldest high school in the United States.