Barringer High School

1927 Yearbook


Click on the link above to go to the Barringer High School 1927 Yearbook. Below is a listing of all the photos included in the book.

Page 3

Miss Beebe

Page 4

Mr. Stearns

Page 5

Miss Grork
Mr. Snavely
Mr. Ammarell

Page 8

Graduation Photo

Page 10

Gabriel-Talamo Rossi

Page 11

Richard McGraw
Dorothy Franck
Josephine Pisacane
James Dutton

Page 12

Ernest Altieri
Lillian Andres
Fred Wallace Athay
James Henry Bailey

Page 13

Everett Basch
Irene Bearder
Thelma Benfer
Anthony J. Biunno

Page 14

Doris Brundage
Dorothy Burns
J. Pierre Buttner
Gerard T. Capodanno

Page 15

Helen Caprio
Josephine Caprio
Louise Carlucci
Mary G. Cetrulo

Page 16

Daniel Chappinelli
Henry Colavita
Merrill Conner
Frank Cordone

Page 17

Mary Davis
Raymond Davison
Dorothy Ayres Decker
Esther Del Vecchio

Page 18

Fred De Troia
Fred De Trolio
Mary Domenico
Henry Donofiro

Page 19

Eugene Dotto
John H. Drumm
Grace Eagan
Dorothy Eyles

Page 20

Leon Robert Fischer
George Foran
Marie Frankel
Michael Fratantuono

Page 21

Elizabeth Friedland
John Giardina
Fred Gibmey
Jessie Gillott

Page 22

H. Max Gladstone
Harold Golz
Laura Gonnelli
Albert Griffiths

Page 23

Catherine Haight
Jess O. Halpern
Frances Hanson
Jane Hart

Page 24

Helen Harris
Martha Haviar
Arthur Heinemann
Mildred Holota

Page 25

David Horwitz
Edwin Hufnagel
Gladys Hultin
Albert Isaacs

Page 26

Tessie C. Jannicelli
Jessie Johnson
Eleanor Kane
Max Kaplan

Page 27

William Robert Karp
Elsa Kleinhans
Virginia Landadio
Edward Landergren

Page 28

Esther Lazar
Annabel Lee
Katherine Le Fevre
Frances Lilien

Page 29

Marian Lindsay
Ethel Lipstein
A. Welsh Macintyre
Kenneth Mac Lagan

Page 30

Elmer Frederick McClelland
Ethel McDonough
Juliet McLaughlin
Sophie Malakoff

Page 31

Nelson Manz
Theodore Maraviglia
Ellen Martin
Ethel Martin

Page 32

Marjorie Masterson
Philip Meola
Thomas Messina
Mary Milano

Page 33

Eleanor Moransky
Julia Morning
Adelaide Morrison
Amelia Nardone

Page 34

Ruth Nietzer
Georgia O'Connor
Elinor Jane Oldenburg
Charles P. Olton

Page 35

Eleanor Palmer
Gerald A. Palmieri
William Parelli
Evelyn Pavia

Page 36

Anthony Perna
Edward Perry
Helene Peterson
Bernard A. Petrone

Page 37

Thomas Pitts
Sam Poliakoff
Isador Pollock
Rae Pollock

Page 38

Alfred Ricciardi
Gerald Rosamilia
Simon Rosen
Nathan Rosenblatt

Page 39

Archie Roth
Alexander Rozensky
Anne Lynn Rudy
Max Sachs

Page 40

Teena Santangelo
Mary Santora
Janet Scharringhausen
Sam Scherzer

Page 41

Oscar Schneider
Theodore Schraft
Anne Schubarth
Robert A. Sheap

Page 42

Arthur Singer
Florence Lyle Skehan
Louis Smith
Jack A. Smoleroff

Page 43

Edgar Speer
Alfred Tellone
William Tetter
Edward Unterman

Page 44

Michael Vigliotta
Evelyn Waldron
Elizabeth Ward
Philip Willner

Page 45

Mildred Wonderly
William Zaremba
Carl Ziegler
Willard Zweidinger

Page 46

Mary Cain
Amelia Catenacci
Eileen Cronin
Sol Korn

Page 47

Elsie Maidman
Ella McLaughlin
Harry Montefusco
Charles Worthington Murray

Page 48

Roberta Sherwin
Ruth Mac Ainsh Tompkins

Page 50

Spanish Club
French Circle

Page 51

Italian Club
Latin Club

Page 52

German Club
Service Club

Page 53

Science Club

Page 54

Fencing Club

Page 55

Walter Sinclair
Ernest Altieri
Eugene Dotto
Albert Isaacs

Page 57

Kenneth Mac Lagan
Bernard Petrone
Henry Colavita
Richard McGraw
Willard Zweidinger
Carl Ziegler
Joseph Martin
Max Sachs

Page 58

Laura Gonnelli
Elizabeth Ward
Grace Eagan
Jane Hart
Esther Del Vecchio
Doris Brundage