St. Vincent's Academy

224-228 West Market Street
42 Wallace Street

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From: Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897

This institution, founded in 1869 by the Most Rev. Bishop Bayley for educational purposes, is under the patronage of the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Newark. The location is upon very high ground and is unsurpassed for healthfulness. It is easy of access, the Market, Bank and Warren Street cars pass the academy to and from the Oranges and the Market Street Station of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Newark.

It offers superior attractions to parents who desire to give their children a useful as well as thorough education, and it will be the constant endeavor of the Sisters to instill into the minds of their pupils, principles of virtue and religion, to accustom them to a polite and amiable deportment, as well as to habits of order and neatness. The present large and extensive building erected in 1888, is furnished with all the modern improvements requisite in a thorough course of study. Ample ground has been reserved exclusively for the necessary outdoor exercise of the pupils, besides when the weather permits, they are obliged to take, daily, about an hour's walk, accompanied by one or more of the Sisters.