St. Benedict's Parochial School

116 Niagara Street

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From: Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897

Situated at the corner of Komorn and Niagara Streets, was founded in 1862. The present building, erected in 1885, is three stories high, the first floor containg two class-rooms, and the second, three. Besides this, we find on the ground floor a play-ground large enough to accommodate 500 children, and two rooms in which the pupils hang articles of clothing.The third story contains a spacious hall, in which festivities are held. Another large playground adjoins the building. There are 450 children attending the school, who receive instruction in five different classes. The terms per month for each child in the advanced classes are ninety-five cents, in the lower grades sixty-five cents.

The society connected with the school has a membership of 230. The contributions made by the gentlemen toward the support of the school, are twenty-five cents per month. The ladies pay fifteen cents every month. During vacation in July & August, the school is closed.