Colored School

First Ward

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July 4, 1909 - May Not Reopen Colored School

From Reports of the City Officers for the year 1873:

The colored School is also located in this Ward.

In 1857 we find a Colored School located in the basement of the African Presbyterian Church in Plane Street, with an average daily attendance of 47 pupils. Inconvenient as was the location, the school prospered. In 1862 it was transferred to the Franklin School house in Fair Street, where it had better facilities and here remained till 1869, when it was removed to the State Street house. Here is has good accommodations, and notwithstanding the great distance, many of the children were obliged to travel; the school increased in numbers until the colored children were admitted to the schools in their respective localities, when many of the smaller ones attended schools nearer their homes.

This has reduced the number about one quarter. There is still about 150 pupils under efficient instructors.