Coleman National Business College

338 Broad Street (old numbers)
832 Broad Street (new numbers)
45 Academy Street

Established 1852

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Information on school founder Henry Coleman

From: "Newark, the City of Industry" Published by the Newark Board of Trade 1912

The Coleman National Business College, which was founded in 1862, is this year celebrating its fiftieth consecutive year in Newark, a period of usefulness nearly twice as long as that of any similar school.

The home of the college is one block west of the Post Office, at the northwest corner of Academy and Halsey Streets, where two entire floors, nearly 14,000 square feet of floor space are used exclusively by the school.

From: "Newark, the Metropolis of New Jersey" Published by the Progress Publishing Co. 1901

The Coleman National Business College at 834-840 Broad Street is the oldest commercial school in New Jersey, and is today endorsed and recommended by a veritable host of well known manufacturing and business firms, as one of the best institutions of its kind in the country. It was originally established by Bryant & Stratton, in 1862, as one of their chain of colleges, and was conducted as such until 1881, when Prof. Henry Coleman purchased it. He continued it on his individual account until 1888, when he incorporated under the laws of New Jersey as The Coleman National Business College. He has been its president and general manager since that time.

The college under Prof. Coleman's management has become one of the greatest institutions for business instruction in the United States, and it draws pupils from all over the country. He infused new life in it from the start, widened the curriculum, enlarged the faculty and made the work direct, progressive and modern. In the up building of the college and in its present conduct he has been and is still most ably assisted by his wife, Mr. E. Coleman, who acts as treasurer of the company. Prof. Coleman lectures on business customs, commercial law, banking (national, state and private), ordinary and expert accountancy, insurance, political economy, civil government and commercial geography. Prof. Walter Prall is teacher of penmanship, bookkeeping, banking, business arithmetic, business correspondence, commercial law, commercial geography and business forms. Miss Annie Brown is superintendent of banking department, teacher of single and double entry bookkeeping, practical grammar, arithmetic, spelling, business forms, correspondence and examiner of student's work.