St. Peter's Parochial School

24 Livingston Street

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From: Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897

The school, begriming with sixteen pupils March 8, 1885, is today one of the largest attended of the German-English Schools. The plans for the principle building, 146 x 80 feet, situated on Livingston Street, contains ten class-rooms, and a hall having a seating capacity for 800 persons. An adjoining building on Belmont Avenue contains five class-rooms, a hall for societies to hold their meetings in, and a dwelling place for the janitor. In the fourteen class-rooms, together with the kindergarten, upwards of eleven hundred children receive instruction. The rooms are dived into seven classes for boys and the same number for the girls.

The terms are fifty cents per month for each child. The poor receive and education free of charge at the expense of the parish. The school is under the direction and control of Rev. Father Stecher and the Sisters of Charity.