Warren Street School

202 Warren Street between Wickliffe & Wilsey Streets

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From: Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897

Nearly fifty years ago, James Searing, a generous-hearted man owning a large tract of land in the western part of the city, donated a plot at the corner of Wickliffe and School Streets to the city for school purposes. Here, in 1848, was built a plain two-story brick school-house, the third public school of Newark. At that time the male and female departments were under separate managements, the former on the top floor and the latter on the lower, each having an assembly room and two small recitation rooms. The school was afterward divided into six class-rooms.

In 1872 this school, not being adequate to the demands of the locality, the Central Avenue School was built and the school transferred to it and the old building closed. In 1873 it was again opened, this time as a primary school with a lady principal. In 1891 it was again found too small and a new school was built on Warren STreet, west of Wickliffe.

The Warren STreet school is of red brick with terra cotta and blue-stone trimmings. It is a three story building having two large courts and the Principals' office on the first floor while on each of the other floors are four large classrooms, with a wide corridor extending the length of the building, also a library and sitting room for the teachers. The building is heated and ventilated by the Fuller & Warren system. It is supplied with steel ceilings which, while very pretty, are not very satisfactory for school purposes.