North Seventh Street/Garfield School

North Seventh Street near Park Avenue

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This school is located in that portion of our city known as Roseville. In 1854 an enumeration was taken and two hundred and fifty children of school age were listed here. Six years later the school was built on Roseville Avenue. In 1870 the school was moved to the site on North Seventh Street. It was known as the school in the woods. Before the days when the rules of the Board of Education became as inflexible as iron, many a pleasant afternoon did the children spend reciting their lessons under the trees to the music of the birds and many a nature lesson was learnt from dear Mother Earth herself.

Soon after the Roseville or Eleventh Ward School was built, the rumble and roar of guns and cannon was heard through the land, and our section of the city was selected upon which to pitch "Camp Frelinghuysen" and from this camp fronting Roseville Avenue, extending north beyond Fifth Avenue, south to Sixth Avenue and east to the edge of what is now known as "The Park" marched our gallant soldier boys. It would greatly please the citizens of Roseville to have the memory of this event perpetuated by naming the new North Seventh Street School "The Frelinghuysen School".

A new school building was opened in September, 1894.