Beacon Street German & English School

42 Beacon Street

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August 25, 1907 - Thirty-Eight Years in German-English School
June 14, 1908 - Prepare for Opening of Polish National Home

From: Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897

This school was founded by the Deutsch-Englischen Schul-Verein of the old sixth and thirteenth wards in 1858. Being attended by 360 pupils, it is the largest German and English School in New Jersey. About 75 of the children are in the kindergarten, where they are instructed and educated according to the principles of Frochel. The remainder is divided into five classes. The following studies are taught by seven teachers including the director: English Language, Reading, Writing, Spelling Grammar, Object Teaching, Composition, German Language, Arithmetic, Geography, History, Natural Science, Drawing and Music. The tuition amounts to $12.00 per year.

When we take into consideration the number of German-English Schools existing in Newark, we come to the conviction that the thought which the poet wished to impress upon the minds of the Germans of America has sunk deep into their hearts.

These people may drift apart in regard to religious or political views, but in one idea they extend hands: they provide schools in which the treasures of the German language are preserved for their children. Occasionally we meet with rare cases, in which wealthy Germans neglect the education of their children in the mother tongue, but it is singularly touching on the other hand to note how the greater part of the less fortunate class, are willing to make any sacrifice in order to grant their offspring an education in the German language. That this is true is proved by the fact that no less than fourteen German-English Schools exist in this city at the present time, in which over thirty-seven hundred children receive instruction in their mother tongue.